Get value in code behind

How to get value in code behind from source,

I assign text value to Label in source file and want to get text of same lable in code behind  file, but i am not able get value in code behind.

please give me reply if possible 

Pirana Dargah
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I assume you mean that in your .aspx or .ascx file you have something like this:

<asp:label id='lblTest' runat='server' text='Hello' />

And you want to get access to the value in your code file. Assuming this is true you can access the label's properties using its id. For example, above I specified that the label's id is 'lblTest" so in my code file I can access the label's text property (or any other property) like this:

lblTest.Text = "New Value";


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2/26/2008 3:41:07 PM

What is your code look like??  Should be like label1.text = ????  in code behind, that should give you the value of label1


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-- Randy
2/26/2008 3:42:21 PM

AzharSaiyed :

How to get value in code behind from source,

I assign text value to Label in source file and want to get text of same lable in code behind  file, but i am not able get value in code behind.

please give me reply if possible


Hi AzharSaiyed ,

Are you using HTML controls or ASPNET controls? IF you are using ASPNET server controls then you can easily Access the Values by using the TEXT property of the Control.. For example if you wanted to get the value of a Label/TextBox then you can simply do something like this in your Code behind..

string value1 = TextBox1.Text;

string value2 = Label1.Text;

But if you are using HTML controls then be sure to add the runat="server" attribute and give an ID for that control for you to access that in your code behind.


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2/26/2008 4:44:28 PM

solve it
Pirana Dargah
5/21/2008 6:10:59 AM

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