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I am tryng to find the simplest way to get the domain name of the site that some code is running under, on the web I find this: 


Which always returns my server hostname... not what I want..

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 maybe something like dis?

 string url = Request.Url.AbsolutePath;



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You can get the hostname from a HttpRequest, e.g.  Page.Request.Url.Host if you are executing in a aspx page.

The problem is that since the site may be running with several different host headers, eg, and, you cannot  be sure that next request will be wit same hostname.

You could query IIS for this information, but it may not solve the problem if the web site is the default site. If the site is the default site, the hostname can be any DNS alias/name that will point to this server or even the IP address of any of the network cards on the server.

Summary: there is no easy and reliable way for a site to determine all possible hostnames.

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