Forms, POST problem

I have a simple HTML form that explicitly sends a POST request to a .aspx script,
where I process the submitted variables.

I personally have never had any problems using it, however sometimes, when someone
else uses it, data will get POSTed, and I might also see a HEAD or GET request, or
I might even see the POST data listed in plain text in the HTTP_REFERER address.

Does anybody know what's going on?

The form is explicitly set to send POST:

<FORM NAME="myform" ACTION="myscript.aspx" METHOD="POST" ONSUBMIT="return DoCheck()">

Why would HEAD or GET requests be sent?
Why would POST data even get sent as a GET request?

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Well i din't find any problam in the code, are you changing Action/ method in DoCheck() javascript function ?

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6/18/2007 5:26:11 AM

The DoCheck() function simply validates the string data.  It returns false
if the data is invalid, or returns true if ok.

I should say that it doesn't happen all the time.  Only once in a while.

My only guess is that it might have to do with the type of browser used,
or maybe they're using a third party download manager, or maybe they're refreshing
the webpage, etc...

I tried several times, but I simply can't reproduce this problem.
It works perfectly for me.  When I click on the Submit button, a single POST
request gets send to the page.  That's how it should work 100% of the time.


6/18/2007 5:58:04 AM

Wait a minute, you gave me an idea.

If Javascript is disabled, I suppose my form wouldn't work as expected,
because I'm calling a Javascript function.  Perhaps that is the source of my problem?

Is there another way to validate form data, and not use Javascript?


6/18/2007 6:11:26 AM


We recommend that you validate data on server side, it is safer than the client one.

User Input Validation in ASP.NET

Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
Microsoft Online Community Support

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6/19/2007 9:19:01 AM

XiaoYong Dai – MSFT:

We recommend that you validate data on server side, it is safer than the client one.

Hi, not quite agree with you. Some primary validation still can be presented on client side in order to reduce web server overhead with redundant requests.

For instance, what reason in server side required field validation, or regular expression validation or etc? All these stuff can be done on the client side. But if you do need some complecated business logic validation ofcourse server side validation will be preferred. The only con I see against the client side validation is that it wont work if user will disable JavaScript in browser. But I think, in most cases its unlikely. And in any case the client side validation can be dublicated with the server side validation for reliable systems.

Just my two cents

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6/19/2007 9:33:12 AM

Hi ArtemL

Thank you for the very detailed explanation, I appreciate that very much. For a business web site, I think we should keep this on mind: 

  • never trust user input,
  • don't assume that user will enable the client side scripting.

I agree with you that client side validation can be dublicated with the server side validation. will reduce web server overhead.


Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
Microsoft Online Community Support

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6/20/2007 3:03:11 AM

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