FileUpload control question: uploader.PostedFile.Method/Property vs uploader.Method/Property

I'm trying to use the FileUpload control in but I'm confused about the uploader's methods and its uploader.PostedFile methods / properties.

uploader.SaveAs() vs uploader.PostedFile.SaveAs() ?
uploader.FileName vs uploader.PostedFile.FileName ?
uploader.FileContent vs uploader.PostedFile.ContentType ?
uploader.FileByte vs uploader.PostedFile.ContentLength?

So PostedFile refers to the object that's already been uploaded? Does that mean if I were to restrict the extention/size of an uploaded file, I actually do it after the file's been uploaded ? Is there a way to  not even start the upload process if the filename/file size does not meet my requirements?

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Sorry to bring this up again. The post was already bottom of page when it was approved. ;/

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FileUpload.PostFile is HttpPostedFile. HttpPostedFile has members of its own  such as ContentLenth, contentType, FileName and InputStream or SaveAs

FileUpload is a class itself, and it has its own members such as FileName, FileContent and etc, they are implemeted using HttpPostedFile. So some times you can use HttpPostedFile instead.

For more information, please read

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