File upload to a server other than the web server.

I have a very simple upload page. Everything works great when saving the file locally (web server). Things are getting ugly when trying to save files to a different machine (file server, database server,...)

  1. So, when using .SaveAs and passing in the UNC path to the new server location I get an *Access denied* error messgae.
  2. When mapping a network drive and using the drive letter in the .SaveAs path I get an message saying parts of the path cannot be found.

any ideas?



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Make sure that the account running web applicaiton(default NETWORK_SERVICE) has write access to the different machine.


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7/2/2008 11:14:33 PM

So, I simply *opened* the entire server for anybody with full control. I added NETWORK SERVICE and ASPNET to the local admins. I alse granted *EVERYONE* and NETWORK SERVICE and ASPNET full control over the folder I am trying to upload the file into...still access denied.

 The crazy things is, being in Visaul Studio on my dev machine the uplaod to the other servers works. As soon as I put it on the production web server it fails. This is getting really frustrating.

thanks for your help though...


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7/3/2008 2:29:10 AM

You dont need to give permissions for every one or add to admin group that would be a security threat. Have you added the user to the folder on another machine ?

for ex:

Machine1, Machine 2

Machine1 is running the WebApplication.

You have folder Folder1 in Machine2 ie it can be accessed form Machine1 \\Machine2\Folder1.

Now in Machine2 where you share this folder add Machine1\NETWORK_SERVICE account to have write permissions to that folder.

That way you can write to a network share.

Best way is to create a domain account and then add the account to IIS_WPG and also to the network share.



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