File Upload on file server not on webserver, by using web application C#

I know how to upload files on webserver, but when trying to upload a file on different machine getting  error

I am trying with FileUpLoad1.SaveAs(@"\\enterprise\LeadsUpload" + FileUpLoad1.FileName);
getting error

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

please help.

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The server services authentication credentials don't have access to your unc path. Why not create a virtual path under you webserver that points to the unc provide the necessary credentials and then write to that path versus the unc path.  Which would also be more versatile than having the path hardcoded in your code.
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Hi visliCom,

Your server's ASPNET Account or NetworkService Account needs access rights to the remote server.

From the error, it seems that the remote server is rejecting your remote logon.

The problem is the remote server is not recognizing the local ASP.NET worker process account or your password is wrong.

You need to apply impersonation or config the server machine to ensure you have right to access the directory and check your password.

Hua Jun Li
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