Edit individual datagrid cells using click event

Hi All,

I am developing a simple datagrid to store data with a status field.

the requirement is when ever user clicks that perticular cell in that Status column (any row in that column) the display control(label) will switch to dropdownlist with 3 options. user selects any one option and that value should update and replace the dropdownlist. Its kind of spreadsheet style editing....

how to handle this. i tried to use itemdatabound event. but couldn't succeed.

Please help me .



6/26/2008 3:30:33 PM
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 My recommendation would be to add into ItemTemplate for the "Status" column a LinkButton for the user to click databinding it's Text property to the db value you want.  In the server-side event handler for that LinkButton, change the GridView's EditIndex to the index of the row they just clicked.  Then in the EditItemTemplate for the "Status" column, add the DropDownList you mentioned, with it's SelectedValue databound also to the db value you want.  Set that DropDownList to AutoPostBack and in it's SelectedIndexChanged server-side event handler, call UpdateRow on your GridView and set the EditIndex back to -1 (so no row is being edited).  So basically it's the same as clicking "Edit" and "Update" on the GridView, except you're circumventing the user needing to click to do those things by doing them when they click the LInkButton and change the value in the DropDownList

Hope this helps!


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6/26/2008 7:49:08 PM

Thanks for your information. Certainly u r design will help with gridview.

but i am using Datagrid.


6/26/2008 7:56:04 PM

 Ahh... sorry I didn't notice that, and unfortunately I have no experience with the DataGrid.  That's .NET 1.1, right?

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6/26/2008 9:21:52 PM

Yes its 1.1 .NET

I want to use 2.0 only with Gridview. but unfortunately its certain to use existing code. so time being i am using the existing code for the demo purpose.


6/27/2008 6:25:43 PM

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