Dynamic Generation of Web Forms in C#.net

I am new to c# and vs.net studio as such and am seekin help for my project. It deals with generating webforms at runtime by takin in inputs from the user. The user will input no. of webfroms to be generated and all the attributes he want in them. I have got the datamodel right for this where all the info by the user is stored in sql server database. During runtime my application should read it from that database and based upon that generated these .aspx forms which can be posted online for use.
9/27/2003 9:25:15 AM
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I think it would help if you explained what the application would accomplish.  It sounds like you are building a portal type application and you want to allow people to generate their own pages??
9/27/2003 5:37:41 PM
Hi Sharbel

thanx for replyin
This is actually a project i am working on. It is not an online portal, its a tool i am building which will create webforms(offline) as per the needs of the user and then these pages, which are now independent of the tool they have been generated on ,can be put on server and used online. So the 'user' or the 'administrator himself in accordance with the user' will give in all the attributes and controls and also no. of webforms as input in the admin screen which will be built by me.
9/29/2003 10:21:19 AM

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