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I have a table in the database. It has three fields EmpId, EmpName, EmpSalary. In the Employee.aspx page, I have three lables and three textboxes. Once I login in to the system the corresponding details should be displayed in the textboxes. Please help me in this regard.


11/28/2007 1:50:54 PM
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Add a where clause in SELECT query to select record specifig to the user.

   string queryString = "SELECT * FROM TableName";
   using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString)
        SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(queryString, connection);
        SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();
        if (reader.HasRows)
            while (reader.Read())
               TextBox1.Text = Convert.ToString(reader["EmpID"]);
               TextBox2.Text = Convert.ToString(reader["EmpName"]);
catch (SystemException ex)
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11/28/2007 2:18:16 PM


you can use the detailsView  please follow this tutorial , navigate to VB Master-Details (Separate Pages)


Run Sample View Source



Anas Ghanem.

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11/28/2007 2:36:37 PM

Can you please provide me the code in vb.net please.

11/28/2007 2:38:14 PM

coming soon...

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11/28/2007 2:45:15 PM

I am experiencing an syntax error near import

11/28/2007 2:48:01 PM


    Dim queryString As String = "SELECT * FROM TableName"
    Using connection As New SqlConnection(connectionString)
    Dim command As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(queryString, connection)
    Dim reader As SqlDataReader = command.ExecuteReader
    If reader.HasRows Then
        While reader.Read
            TextBox1.Text = Convert.ToString(reader("EmpID"))
            TextBox2.Text = Convert.ToString(reader("EmpName"))
        End While
    End IfEnd Using
Catch ex As SystemException
End Try

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11/28/2007 2:48:59 PM

I was using an online code converter and they suck sometimes. After posting, I realized that it changed "using" keyword to Imports, which was not right in this case. I posted new code.

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11/28/2007 2:53:11 PM

Thank you very much. It is working. How to write the code for ID. I mean if EmpID=1 then display EmpId details i.e depending on the EmpId.

11/28/2007 2:54:27 PM

 You have to modify the SQL query. Add a WHERE clause in the query like: 

SELECT EmpID, EmpName, EmpSalary
FROM TableName

In place of ID, use parameters to prevent SQL attacks. Look online for some articles. Heres one:


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11/28/2007 2:59:56 PM

Thank you very much.

11/28/2007 3:07:26 PM

You are welcome.

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11/28/2007 3:08:24 PM

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