Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row.

I'm getting an exception with the message "Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row".

I have processing the records through the data table. In some situation i have deleted the rows in the datatable and inserting the new rows. These situation i have get the above specified error.



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Hi Vijay,

this error occours when u try to access the row which u have already deleted. So, try to check if the row exists or not and then retrieve the information.

I hope this will help u..

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Parth Patel
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If you wish to access information on the row that is being deleted, try doing is in the datagrids rowdeleting event. This event fires before the row is deleted from the database.

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Use Datatable.Acceptchanges() after you have deleted the row and  before you access a row.



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If the DataRow.Delete method is called, the row transitions such that its RowState is DataRowState.Deleted.
(It is only acutally removed from the DataTable when AcceptChanges is called.)
When a row is in DataRowState.Deleted, the normal means for accessing the values do not work (as you have seen). 
If all you need to know is that the row is deleted, check the RowState property. 
If you need to retrieve the "original", deleted data, you can use an overload of he Item property. 
For example, if dr is your row, dr("MyColumnName", DataRowVersion.Original) returns the old value. 
(Similarly, dr.IsNull("MyColumnName", DataRowVersion.Original) can be used to check the original data for null).

Detail information is disaplyed at the following link.

Let me know if I have misunderstood what you mean.
Hope it helps,
Hua Jun


Hua Jun Li
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