connect web app to windows app

Hello folks.

i want to connect web application( to desktop application and transfer data but when some events triggered from user web browser. (for example live support packages)

i know it can be done in win applications with sockets but I'm not sure for applications.

Any advice/help greatly appreciated.


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oh, no body knows?

2/3/2007 7:26:10 AM

It is possible to wire into events on the client, but this is outside the scope of ASP.Net. 

Presuming your Desktop APP is a dotnet app this is a Windows Forms question, consider posting here

Other approaches are including a web browser in a Win Forms app and capturing the events - user and others - to execute code within the app such as retreiving data from webservice or providing services unavailable to a general web page such as full file system access etc.

Sometimes the web page (web site) will only be valid when viewed within the Custom Desktop App, it depends on what you are really trying to do, but I belive this is the wrong forum.




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2/3/2007 11:59:09 AM

thanks for your reply but I think i misdescribed my problem.

let me explain my problem in this way: i have application runing on remote server ( assume chat app but doesn't really matter ) , when user send his/her message ( data ) i want my program connect to my windows program ( also in dot net ) and send its data to it. but my problem is i don't know by what method i must connect and send data. i know i can get data from web services but i don't think it's efficient to check for new data every seconds.

i hope i described my problem correctly.


2/3/2007 6:37:51 PM
according to my understanding, the architecture of your application is the windows application will run as the server and the app will run as client. So that the windows app doesn't need to check the datasource periodically.
Here are some possible solutions:

1. .net Remoting
2. Socket
3. FileSystemWatcher:
The app write the data into a file been watched by the Widnows app, then win app can detect this with FileSystemWatcher and reads them in.

Hope it helps.
2/5/2007 3:56:06 AM
Thanks for your answer, i think that's what i need.
2/11/2007 8:36:04 AM

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