Class is not licensed for use


I've written a short test to include the MSCOMM32 control to control some lighting.
On the Windows 2000 Pro machine that all my development gear is on, it worked fine.
I have tried to place it on a clean WinXP Pro machine with IIS and the NET Framework and get the error "Class is not Licensed for use".
It highlights the following code as being the problem
Public MSCOMM1 as New MSCommLib.MSComm()
In order to try to fix this, here are some of the things I have tried:
1. I have tried to manually register MSComm using RegSVR32
2. I have installed another VB6 App that uses the same MSComm control and that App works fine, (showing that MSComm is indeed working?), but the Webforms App still does not.
3. I have read about making my own in-process DLL using MSComm and using that inside the .NET application. Tried this, but came up with a further set of problems giving me "access is denied" when I try to use createobject. (I have given IUSR.ASPNET administrator priv to try to fix this but no luck there either...)
4. I installed Visual Studio .NET on the Win XP machine in case I was missing something and even compiled it on that very machine. STILL no luck...
I don't seem to be finding .NET very easy to use at all, after coming from VB6...
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I'm running into the same issue in my ASP.NET app... I've seen posts on other groups to explain the fix for regular windows forms-> Drag the MSComm control on the the form- then the deployment will work without having to install the control from the VB6 CD nor having to install all of VB6 on the client computer (normal app). However, I haven't found this to work on ASP.NET apps... it doesn't recognize the activeX control as a web forms control (which it isn't) but it won't assign a default class reference so I'm assuming the registration code isn't created as it is on a normal windows app.

*Note- I'm going to check out the code modifications that VB.NET makes on a normal app and try to mimic this in my ASP.NET app...
Hope this helps at all. Help if you can!
9/30/2003 3:43:42 PM
I've figured this out... finally- I know I'm slow:)

Assuming you have the correct licensing for the control you need to merge the vbctrls.reg into your registry (right click: Merge) then install & register your OCX file w/regsvr32.
*Note: vbctrls.reg is located on the vb6 install CD. under \Common\tools\vb\controls
I hope this helps.
9/30/2003 9:45:18 PM

Hi Mike,

I am  newbie to vbnet .

As currently facing same error message while installing my application on the client pc.

I have got MSCOMM32.OCX and mscommlib in my application, can u explain more in how to create the merge module file?


Thanks alot...



1/13/2006 9:01:28 AM

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