Check to see if "ID" exists in excel document? What is needed?

Hello again, 

I recently got my attempt at setting up an uplaoding form working with the help of a few memebers from here. 

Now, I have another question...but I will start off explaining what the upload form does right now. 

1. User enters Frist Name + Last Name
2. User enters PINCODE ID (10 digit number)
3. User selects a photo by pressing the "Browse Button"
4. When all set and done, user clicks "Upload" button

What happens when "UPLOAD" is clicked is:

1. File gets uploaded to my server, and the name of the .JPG uploaded becomes whatever the user puts in "PINCODE ID"
2. A thumbnail is also generated which also takes the name of the PINCODE ID with _thumb extention
3. A .txt file is appended too everytime someone uploads a file, and writes the Date, Name, LastName, and PINCODE ID

WHAT I WANT TO DO (But I think it may be really hard for a super novice)

I want to have some kind of a "Check". Basically, When the user clicks UPLOAD, I would like the application to check to see if the PINCODE ID the user entered exists in 100 000+ PINCODE ID's I have an excel document. 
If the PINCODE ID exists, the file will write to the server, if not, I want it to popup (or display a message somewhere) saying that the PINCODE ID is not valid. 

Is this sometihing that can be done with my excel document? What are the steps required to accomplish this? I basically have 5 day to get this working. It is not life or death, but it would really save  A LOT of manual labour checking to see if each ID actually exists within the excel document. 

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Check this link about how to read an excel file.

If you have doubts/queries reply to the post explaining the problem.

6/28/2007 3:54:51 AM

 Thanks for the link!

I took a quick look through it, and will try it out in more detail today.

 Just another question on the side. My excel document contains more than 200,000 Names and ID's. We are expecting MAJOR load on the server for the 3-4 days.

Will this have any impact on the excel database? Can it handle it? We cannot risk and crashing, broken connections, etc.


 Thanks again!

6/28/2007 11:44:13 AM

Try to cache the excel data, so that data (in memory) will be refreshed whever the excel file changes.  Do this only if the excel file does not change/edited often.  It would be very hard to say how the load will effect the server.  If the excel file is crucial to your application, try to convert that in a RDBMS, so that it will work more efficiently.

6/28/2007 9:03:56 PM