Changing the text of a asplabel using javascript


I have a label in a ascx. and a list box.

I want to be able to change the text of the label

when the users change their listbox selection.

I can get the event handler to fire, get the value of the

selected inex  but I cant get the value of the label to change.

Please help.



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Are you using the Event Handler for DropDown_SelectedIndexChanged to change the value of the label?

Please post your server side code here, which helps us to answer your question.

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here is the poor mans' version of doing what you got in mind...

Label1.Text = myDropDownListBox.SelectedItem.Text;

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You want a javascript solution. I'll assume that you know how to setup javascript within the server side.

The Label is a <span> tag. It has an id attribute that matches the ClientID property of the Label. So you can use document.getElementById("[clientid to label]") to get the <span> tag object. Now you need to change its value. <span> tags show their info on the page as "innerHTML" (the info between <span> and </span>). There is an innerHTML property on the object you get.

document.getElementById("[clientid to label]").innerHTML = document.getElementById("[clientid to dropdownlist]").value;

Set this in the onchange event of the DropDownList.

For a good reference on DHTML, click here.

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