Change cell color in a cell when hyperlink is clicked

I have a table across the bottom of my form, when a user clicks a hyperlink in one of the cells, I want the bgcolor of the cell to change.

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You can use the onClick event of the cell to change its bgcolor property. For example:
<td bgcolor="black" onclick"bgcolor='white';">This is a test!</td>
This uses event propogation to capture the click event which is passed down from the link.

Steven Bey

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9/1/2003 12:13:50 PM
Don't know what I'm doing wrong, I used your example and it it doesn't want to cooperate.

The bgcolor automatically deafults to the onclick color and does not change when clicked; I also reversed the colors, same results.
9/2/2003 12:04:39 AM

Sorry, there was a slight flaw to my logic (and also a syntax error!). Using hash for the URL will actually refresh the page, so you need to replace it with javascript:void(0). Also include an equals sign inbetween onclick and the opening quote, as below:
<td bgcolor="black" onclick="bgcolor='white';">This is a test!</td>

Steven Bey

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9/2/2003 10:00:41 AM
Still no dice, it's just not picking up the OnClick. Here's what I used:

<td bgcolor="black" onclick="bgcolor='white';">This is a test!</td>

It fire's my function but the bgcolor stays the same.
9/3/2003 8:53:29 AM

As I explained in my first post, this uses event propogation to work. Putting your function in the href will not propogate the onclick event. You need to keep the javascript:void(0) in but put your function reference in the onclick event:
<td bgcolor="black" onclick="bgcolor='white';">This is a test!</td>

Steven Bey

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9/3/2003 9:50:08 AM

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