Cant get user control collection property to show up in designer



 I'm trying to create an ASP.NET user control that will expose a collection of objects as a property. As a proof of concept, I'm simply trying to implement a test control that contains an array of strings, and I'm attempting to enable design-time editing of the property. No matter what I seem to do, my test property doesn't show up in the designer window. Below is a code snippet...


/* using directives omitted for brevity */

public partial class Controls_TabView : System.Web.UI.UserControl
private string[] strings_ = new string[20];

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


Description("testing 456"),
public string[] Strings
get{return strings_;}

 I'm trying to boil the idea down to it's simplest form; my eventual solution will use a generic container (i.e. List<>) to host the collection, but I can't even get it to work for this basic design.

 Thanks for any assistance you can lend!


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Is it an issue with the class-level attribute declarations, or maybe the property-level attributes are incorrect? I've made the property get-only, so that shouldn't be the problem. 

I can't believe I'm the only one to have ever run into this; someone out there must know the answer.



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In case anyone runs into this same issue, I found that exposing an object collection as a property isn't applicable when developing ASP.NET user controls (i.e. the files with the .ascx extension). If you want to create a component with this type of behavior, you should instead be working with ASP.NET custom controls, which derive from the Control or WebControl classes.



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