Can I populate a Dropdown list in a GridView from another Dropdown list

Hi there,

I have a Gridview control that contains 2 DDLs. The first one is populated on page load (from a Generic list in the code behind) and is working with no problems. I want to populate the 2nd DDL by making a selection in the first DDL which in turn would call a DB method and cause a postback.

I've tried using the "OnSelectedIndexChanged" method for the DDL and the "FindControl" method for the 2nd DDL, but the GridView can't find it on Postback and throws an error. I've also tried using the "onSelectedIndexChanged" method for the GridView but also with no luck.

Suggestions anyone...?

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The Method will be like this
1. You will rise a selectedindexchanges method for the firstdropdownlist.
2. when event fires,in the code
 for(int vLoop=0 ; vLoop<gridview1.rpws.count ; vLoop++)
  Dropdownlist ddl1 = gridview1.rows[vloop].findcontrol("dropdownlist1") // here dropdownlist1 is the id of the dropdownlist that you have given in itemtemplate
   Dropdownlist ddl2 = gridview1.rows[vloop].findcontrol("dropdownlist2") // here dropdownlist2 is the id of the dropdownlist that you have given in itemtemplate  
   // Now do your database manipulations

Here in this method, check whether ddl1,ddl2 are nulls or not.
if they are nulls, that means, you are giving the name providing
in findcontrol method is wrong. then check the itemtemplate of
that column for the dropdownlistname

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Hi ramireddyindia,

Thanks for your reply, I've tried the code and it works fine. Thanks very much for your help, you've saved me alot of time


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