calling method in user control - keep getting error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


If i dont call any methods of this user control The page runs fine and the user control displays correctly.

But I need to pass some data to my user control but every time i try to call one of the user control methods I get the error -

 Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


I cant figure it out as I've used user controls before - but this user control has a datagrid - I think this might be why it is erroring?

The html code look like - 


<%@ Register TagPrefix="Check" TagName="CheckGrid" src="../includes/UserControls/Permissions_Grid.ascx"%>

 <Check:CheckGrid id="Permissions" runat="Server"></Check:CheckGrid>


The code behind for the aspx that calls the user control is


Protected Grid As Permissions_Grid

Grid.Title = "24" 


The user control's class is called Permissions_Grid


If you need any more information  then please jsut ask and thanks for looking.



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If you use ASP.Net 1.x, make sure the User control that you will access is decalred at the top of the code with the other controls. Just delcare it with the same name as the id of the control and the typ (don't instanitate it, only do a declaration). That should probably solve the problem for you.

If you use ASP.Net 2.0, you can add the @reference directive to the page that points to the user control.

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Presuming you creating a dynamic instance -

The object is not instantiated -

Protected Grid As Permissions_Grid

Protected Grid As New Permissions_Grid




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Actually after another quick look, you are using an ASPX coded instance. Access the instance by ID.

Permissions.Title - where title is a property on the control.


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