Add controls in textbox ( TextBox1.Controls.Add(); )

hi to all
i want to know about TextBox1.Controls.Add
it is possible to add controls in a textbox like placeholder
i am using  this much of code for add linkbutton in a textbox
1    LinkButton lb = new LinkButton();
2 lb.Text = "Linkbutton1";
3 lb.ID = "link1";
4 5 TextBox1.Controls.Add(lb);
6 7 Response.Write (TextBox1.Controls.Count);
8 Response.Write(TextBox1.Controls.ToString());

this code run without any error
when i count a control in textbox then it will disply me a 1
but on the page it will not display any controls in a textbox

if this is possible in differant way then please help me out

i am say  thnks to all
who reply me and also
who read this post

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Well... you can. You have to remember that XHTML is XML and HTML. So, an <input> </input> tag "can" have controls, I'm not sure if any browser will render it.

 A textbox is a textbox, you can't add any content to it (except text). The fact that the markup/code allows you to do so is besides the point :)

Thought... when I tried this the entire document lost it's XMLishness. (no /> anymore). 

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