2 decimal places - how do you do it?

I am at the very basic stage - and I am pleased that I have been able to get my page to carry out a range of 5 calculations based on inputting 8 variables into 8 textbox web controls.

My problem is that I would like the answers to be rounded to 2 decimal places (its a currency calculation) in the label web control.
"Dim Calculation2 as Double " allows a multitude of decimal places
"Dim Calculation2 as Integer " allows no decimal places
My apologies for asking such a simple question but I cannot find the answer on the net anywhere.
Thanks in anticipation.
Ian Smith
5/12/2004 7:30:50 AM
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dim Calculation2 as double
TextBox.Text = Calculation2.ToString("N2")
5/12/2004 9:14:56 AM
You are a star - thankyou !!
5/12/2004 10:02:40 AM

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