open new email on client side

i am stuck and need your help please. i want to generate a parameterized email-submit-button to open on the client side new oulook email message

currently the code is:

MyCommand.Fill(ds, "tblemail")
Dim MyEmailAddress As String = ds.Tables("tblemail").Rows(0)("email").ToString
btnEmail.Visible = True
btnEmail.OnClientClick = "top.location=mailto:" + MyEmailAddress + ""

but it doesn't work. the client side source shows that the onclick event has the correct emailaddress. i've tried it also without top.location or with location.href instead.
when i use response.redirect instead i have problems with german special charakters. maybe you can also help me out with this problem.
thanks a lot
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This should work:

btnEmail.OnClientClick = "location.href='mailto:" + MyEmailAddress + "'"

/Fredrik Normén - fredrikn @ twitter

Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCT

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9/14/2004 11:10:38 AM
hi fredrik,

as mentioned in my post, this doesn't work either.
the onclientclick method is working if i launch e.g. an alert window, but
is not working.
only response.redirect is working, but there i have problems with german characters. do you know a solution for that?
9/14/2004 12:03:16 PM
I should work, I just tried it. Make sure you have ' around the mailto and the mail adress:

/Fredrik Normén - fredrikn @ twitter

Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCT

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9/14/2004 12:25:57 PM
ofcourse you're right...

my old problem with the german special characters ö, ä, ü still remains. ü is being converted to ü. do you have a clue?
my second question would be as response.redirect terminates (ofcourse) execution of the server-side code. is there any way to open an outlook new message window whose email address has just been received from the sql-database (see code above) and continue with code?
onclientclick has for me the disadvantage that it requires a user click.
response.redirect's disadvantage is it stops my code.
thanks for helping me out.
9/14/2004 1:52:13 PM
I don't know which solution is the best, but you can for example use the BODY client side OnLoad event and set the location to mailto. The OnLoad will be executed after the whole page is loaded. You can also at the end of your page add a client side script that will execute the click event of the button etc.
/Fredrik Normén - fredrikn @ twitter

Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCT

My Blog
9/14/2004 3:36:01 PM

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