installation on win xp home

just wondering if the express version is support to be installed on windows xp home edition(sp2), tried several times, always had errors.



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 yes you can install any version of .net on XP prof edition with sp2...what are the errors tht you get??

Amit Malhotra
6/9/2008 4:18:06 AM

Thanks but what i've got is xp home edition

6/9/2008 5:25:02 PM

Install Framework then tried.

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I guess you want to insert Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition or Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition on your machine, right?

Express Edition can be installed on Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2, which doesn't have IIS.

Did you get any error message while installing? If yes, you can search it on internet or post it here.

Did you install another version of Visual Studio, such as beta version? You can try to remove them from machine completely, and then install it.

For more information, see


I hope this helps.

Thomas Sun
Microsoft Online Community Support

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6/12/2008 6:54:43 AM

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