Build errors message but no errors in Error List

I am using VB.Net in Visual Web Developer Express. When I press F5 to run my application I get the 'There were build errors. Wouild you like to continue and run the last successful build?' message. I select 'No', and,  if the Error List window was shut it opens, but there are no errors listed in it. I'm sure this has worked before. Is there another way of finding errors?

According to Help | About I am using version 8.0.50727.42.

Thanks for any help.

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 One of the things with the error window is you can selectively display errors, warnings and messages.  It may be that you accidentally turned the error display off - just click on the "errors" button at the top of the error list window and they should appear.

P.S. The error list window should still say something like xx errors, yy warnings, zz messages.

- Richard
5/25/2007 7:07:29 AM

I have clicked on the Errors button and it still shows no errors. It also says that there are 0 errors. But if there are no errors, why won't it build?

5/25/2007 11:47:05 AM

What are the messages in the output windows (it should show some build messages).  It could be that you have a file locked and the build is trying to replace it, but can't therefore even though the compile works the build fails. 

- Richard
5/26/2007 11:36:33 AM

By output window, do you mean the one that has 'Error List' in its title bar? If so, it contains no errors, warnings or messages. I've clicked on each of the buttons to check that I'm not only viewing a subset.

5/26/2007 1:26:21 PM

No, the one called "output".  When the compile occurs it will have messages in it telling you what it is doing including any problems it encounters - have a look at for more information.

- Richard
5/27/2007 4:43:53 AM
I didn't know about the output window. Good tip, thanks. I think I've solved it now. I wonder if I had confused the connection between my page and its code behind file. The output window said: 

error BC30451: Name 'txtSuccess' is not declared.

txtSuccess is the name of an asp text box on the page Default.aspx. The code that refers to it is in the file Default.aspx.vb. The first line of Default.aspx includes CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" in the <%@ declaration at the top of the page. Default.aspx.vb includes 'Partial Class _Default' as its second line (after an Imports statement). As far as I can tell the pages are referring to each other, and so Default.aspx.vb should be aware of txtSuccess.

However, I did change the name of my original version of Default.aspx to another name (Default (Tables).aspx, then copied it back to Default.aspx. I did this so that I could try a different approach to laying things out (using css rather than tables), but still have the original to go back to if things didn't work. Unfortunately, this meant that there were two files (Default.aspx and Default (Tables).aspx that referred to Default.aspx.vb as their code file. Is it possible that this confused the builder program? Maybe it looked at the wrong aspx file to find the txtSuccess textbox?

I don't see why that meant that there were no error messages in the error window, but it seems to work now, so thanks again for the output window tip.

5/28/2007 12:31:26 PM

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