Problem with "dynamic" usercontrols in web application project


A web-application I'm currently working on allows users to create new usercontrols on the site (as in writing the code for the .ascx and the codebehind file, and yes I'm aware of the security issues).

The usercontrol will always inherit from a base class defined in the web-application.

These usercreated usercontrols will later on be dynamically added to the site like this placeholder.Controls.Add(Page.LoadControl(pathToUsercontrol))

So far so good, but try to load the control I get this error: "CS0433: The type UsercontrolBaseClass exists in.." followed by path to two autogenerated DLL's.

I'm guessing this is because the UsercontrolBaseClass is compiled first when I compile the web application, and then once more when the usercontrol (which is not compiled but inherits from UsercontrolBaseClass) attempts to load.

I tried setting <compilation batch="false">, but that didn't help.

Any ideas?

Best regards, Tchami




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Turns out I was on the right track. The App_Code folder (in which the baseclass was placed) is compiled both at compilation and later when viewing the site.

Solution: Create another folder and move your classes from the App_Code folder to the new one.

Some might be wondering why I had the App_Code folder there in the first place (as it's not part of the WAP). The reason for that is that the project is a converted web-site project.

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