Code Works on VS 2003 /ASP.NET 1.1 but does not work on VS 2005 / ASP.NET 2.0??


We have a Perfectly well working Web Application  developed in VS 2003 /ASP.NET 1.1. We are trying upgrade to VS 2005 / ASP.NET 2.0

The Application itself Comprises of a Common SDK Components where we have our Controls like ComboView etc...

I downloaded the  VS 2005 Web Application Project Preview and Installed it on my PC. I was successfully able to Upgrade ,compile and run this Web App in VS 2005 ( Until I thought So)

After a little test on the Web UI I have found Several Problems::

1. In the ComboView Control (which is embeded in a Page) we have several Buttons like "Edit","Filter" here is the Base Code for Adding these to the Control::


foreach (ImageButton lDefaultImageButton in mProperties.DefaultImageButton)
                System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton lImageButton = new System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton();
    lImageButton.ID = ClientID + "ExpandCtrlImg" + imgCnt.ToString();
    lImageButton.CausesValidation = false;
    lImageButton.Visible = lDefaultImageButton.Visible;
    lImageButton.ToolTip = lDefaultImageButton.ToolTip;
    lImageButton.ImageUrl = lDefaultImageButton.ImageUrl;

    if (lDefaultImageButton.PopUpUrl != "")
     lImageButton.Attributes.Add("OnClick", lDefaultImageButton.PopUpUrl);
     lImageButton.CommandName = lDefaultImageButton.CommandName;

                    lImageButton.Command += new System.Web.UI.WebControls.CommandEventHandler(CommandHandler);




After First time Clicking on these Imag Buttons there is a PostBack but the CommandHandler is not executed.

Second Time Clicking The Command handles is Executed...

All this Code was working Just File in VS 2003

2. When the CommandHandler is hit the Command is Wrong .For Example when we Click on "Update" Button, I am getting Cancel Command.

Any help is much appreciated.




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