VS.NET 2008 / Web Site Project / 3.5 Framework ... How do I enable GridLayout


I'm designing a Web Site using Visual Studio 2008 Team Developer Edition. I need to enable GridLayout on my forms so that I can drag and drop controls on the form and move them about with my mouse (similar to a WinForms application). I cannot for the life of me find where I set that. Any help would be really appreciated.


-- Val
6/17/2008 5:51:24 PM
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don't think it exists any more as the default option. . see the post and comment from Mikhail http://forums.asp.net/t/1195880.aspx .

some alternate options


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6/17/2008 6:14:32 PM

If you prefer to have the controls drag-and-drop to absolute positioning, follow these steps:

GridLayout is not XHTML compliant, however, you can enable CSS positioning for the same results.

  1. With a Web Page open on the Design pane, click Tool - Options in VS 2008.
  2. On the left side of the Options dialog, collapse everything in the tree view.
  3. Expand HTML Designer and click on CSS Styling.
  4. Check the last checkbox near the bottom that states, "Change positioning to absolute for controls added using Toolbox, paste or drag and drop".
  5. Click OK.

One last thing... It's tempting to grab the control itself to drag it around. Instead, grab the white "tooltip" tag directly above the control.

Good luck!

6/17/2008 6:27:16 PM

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