unable to select/edit text in design mode

Hi all,

I have a really annoying problem with vs2008. I'm opening a remote website. When ever i open an aspx page and try to edit the text of the page, my first click on any text in the page selects the whole page - in this case it selects the table that all of the content of the page is in. if i click a 2nd time the cursor is now blinking at the point where i clicked and i can edit the text using the keyboard. But if i try to use the mouse to highlight any text or do anything, on the next click it goes and selects the entire table again. Click-drag select does the same thing - selects the whole table.

Anyone know what this happens and how to stop it? Makes it a real pain in the rear to do simple text edits since most of it has to be done in code view since i cant actually select any individual items.

All the pages use the same master page and i have the same problem trying to edit the master page as well.

Any suggestions?

4/29/2009 9:57:51 PM
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Hi if i have understood your issue correct, try using the z-index in the css. Hope this should solve this. I happen to face a llr issue like this.

Hope this helps 


4/30/2009 12:07:20 AM
thanks for the reply.

How exactly would I do that? There was on section of css dealing only with my menu bar where the z-index was set to 100.

removing that didn't alter the behavior of VS.

4/30/2009 1:15:32 AM

Be very careful with absolutely positioned content. If someone zooms your text in a broweser, it could break things pretty badly.

Are you editing the site live? If so, that could be the problem, especially if you are using ftp. I suggest that you create a disk-based web site and download your site to it. You can then work on it more easily and upload your changed pages after testing.

I am curious if working a disk-based site affects your text selecting issue.


Preston Birdwell
Columbia, CA USA
4/30/2009 4:39:22 AM
Yes a live site. Going in through frontpage extensions, not ftp. But i'll try downloading a copy and giving that a try as well and see if it has any effect. I didnt think it would, but easy enough to find out.
4/30/2009 7:50:43 AM

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