The type initializer for 'IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection' threw an exception.


I am using UDB  Database ( IBM DB2 9.1) with ASP.Net.

I am inserting data in DB2 database!

When I run my web site in Visual Studio 2008, I can connect with db2 database and successfully insert data!

But when I deploy my web site locally in my IIS(After creating Virtual Directory) I receive following Error!

The type initializer for 'IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection' threw an exception. 

I uninstall/install Db2 Connect server 9.1, so many time but I am unable to find error!

Please if you can help me!



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Make sure you shut off VS.NET (no devenv.exe in the taskmgr). Try running
db2nmpreg -u
db2nmpreg -v -d
2/26/2009 12:14:32 PM

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