Problem with my setup project

to my 3.5 application i added a setup project. setup created successfully and running fine.
but when am trying to install in a computer where there is no .net 3.5 framework it is asking in window that 'This setup requires the .NET framework 3.5. please install .net framework and run this setup again. The .NET Framework can be obtained from the web. Would you like to do this now?' with Yes and No buttons.

but in my setup project Prequisites property i selected .Net freamework2.0, 3.5 and window installer 3.1
and i selected 2nd radiobutton that is Download prerequisites from the same location as my application.
i build it successfully i got respective folders in to my debug folder.

but during the installation it is not installing automatically that .net framework3.5
forcefully am going to install framework.

To install automatically what i have to do?

Please explain.

Thanks in advance.

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 at first Download this

.Net  Framework 2.0

 .net framework3.5

 windows Installer 3.1


after download stat install. 

it will solve ur issue. i want say use manual download.



Md. Parves Kawser

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4/30/2009 3:44:39 PM

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