No SourceSafe binding in Visual Studio 2008

 I have Visual Studio 2008 Pro and I'm trying to open a project from SourceSafe 2005. Anytime I select a solution file to open I get the following error message:

The selected file cannot be opened as solution or project. Please select a solution file or project file.

 So to get the solution out of SourceSafe I set the working folder and did a get latest. However, when I open the solution with VS 2008 there are no SourceSafe bindings. There aren't any SourceSafe icons to the right of all the files. So what I've been doing is checking out the entire solution via SourceSafe before I open it with VS 2008 then once I've made my changes I close VS 2008 and open SourceSafe and check-in the entire project. It really is a pain in the butt. I've re-installed both VS 2008 and SourceSafe 2005 multiple times and the problem persists. I've installed all the updates I can find for both VS 2008 and VSS 2005. Has anybody else had this problem?


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I just create a new website with the name I want.

Then I click File, Source Control, Change Source Control.

Then I click on the entry that shows localhost and not the sln file.

Then I click bind and find the SourceSafe database I want to bind to.

Then I get latest version and overwrite everything.


Hope this helps


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For this error message, you can take a look at this page. Hope it helps:



Catherine Sea
the leading developer of version control and issue tracking software
5/5/2009 6:29:45 AM

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