Can Visual Web Developer 2008 & Visual Studio 2008 run on the same machine?

Can Visual Web Developer 2008 & Visual Studio 2008 run on the same machine?  Machine running Windows VISTA.

Looking for simplified text formatting options.  Wondering if both programs can be run (not at the same time) VWD for graphics developer and VSP 2008 for programmers.



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Quick answer: I believe you can. Why not try it?

VWD for graphics developer

Why not Expression? (Which shares the same solutions/projects with VS, to make sharing easier.)

6/12/2008 10:10:20 AM

We 'tried' VISTA way too early and set our development team back three months.  Staying a head of the curve sometimes involves accidents and we are trying to minimize damage with extra knowledge of the road conditions.  Did not know about Expression, thank you for the suggestion.

6/12/2008 12:59:02 PM

Yes you can. Although VS includes everything what VWD has, so if you have VS you don't really need VWD Express anymore.



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6/12/2008 5:01:00 PM

Thank you - that is what I needed to know.  The Graphic folks seem to like the graphically oriented interface of VWD or it appears to more so oriented.  That may be our lack of understanding of VS 2008 and its custom display configuration.

6/12/2008 11:49:51 PM

VWD 2008 and VS 2008 have identical pieces. VWD is a smaller version of VS. I am not sure what is more graphical in Express Smile



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6/13/2008 12:03:48 AM

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