AdventureWorks DB - SQL Datasource Control and seeing the 'schema'

I'm trying to load the 'contacts' table from SQL2005 AdventureWorks database with a SQL Datasource control and when i try to use the "Configure Data Source" wizard i select the table and i get the following error:

 "Invalid object name: 'Contact'."

I think i know the reason for the error but i don't know how to fix it.  What i think is happening is SQL 2005 makes use of 'schemas' to organize tables (similar to namespaces) so the object 'Contact' is actually 'Person.Contact'.  However the "Configure Data Source" wizard does not seem to display schema names so in the wizard it appears as 'Contact'. 

2 questions:  How can i configure the wizard to view schemas and make it work?  Also how would i reference this programmatically in an sql query?

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 Ok i've figured out when using custom schemas on a table (like AdventureWorks does) in SQL you just need to prepend the schema to the table name.

for example change this:

 SELECT * FROM Contact

 to this

SELECT * FROM Person.Contact


Simple enough however what about when using the "Configure Data Source" control tool wizard?  It doesn't have any options to select a schema nor does it even display the schema.  I've managed to get around the issue by modifying the script that the wizard generates but surely there must be a better way....






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I got the same issue while trying to connect AdventureWorks database. And I post this only because one thing is comming to mind:

 There's communication between SQL Server and Visual Studio development teams, isn't there? .... I don't guess so :(

4/4/2009 11:26:57 PM

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