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I've been reading a lot of the posts with everyone on the web site projects vs. web application projects.  What concerns me is why did MS put this web site option in?  What really concerns me is if the development community doesn't like it, why should I consider using that option if no one will use it and MS might eventually drop it as an option?  It has to be there for a reason and what I'm interested in is what that reason is...if anyone can add into that.
3/21/2006 9:25:14 PM
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Hi Razor,

Some people love the web site option and others prefer the web application option.  It really comes down to personal preference and development style.

We will fully support both going forward -- so either is a safe bet. 

Hope this helps,


3/24/2006 2:10:56 AM

Scott, I need your help to make the ASP.Net Web Application template shows up on my VS 2005 student version. Razor mention that he can access both Web site and web application. Why I can not access ASP.Net Web Application from VS 2005 student version? VS 2003 has the feature.

Thank you.


3/25/2006 1:52:39 AM

Hi Scott,

I download the beta 2 and now the ASP.Net Web Application template shows up in file/new/project route. But when I try to enter the url location which my professor gave us. the "OK" button turns gray - disabled. I am not able enter the http://146.186..../ftproot/.... location that my professor set aside for us. Can you help me solve this problm.

Thank you.



3/25/2006 2:45:02 AM

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