Using .Net Framework 1.1 w/ VS2005 Beta 1

I have developed a Windows Forms project in VS2005 that I want to install on another computer.
Is there any way to specify that the project use the 1.1 Framework vs the 2.0 Beta Framework? I'd rather not install the Beta framework on the other computer, and I have not used any 2.0 specific code.

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Here is one of the easiest solutions ;)

Open your code with VS.Net 2003 and recompile the solution.
Everything you compile with VS 2005 will target the new framework.

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The only problem with that solution is that I don't have VS.NET 2003, and I'm not too keen on dropping hundreds of $$$ just before they come out with 2005.

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You can always install the v1.1 SDK - it includes compilers (e.g. and C#).

VisualStudio 2003 is basically a glorified text editor - all the real stuff comes with the SDK.


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