Using .NET 3.5 in Visual Studio 2005

We are having a major project release that will require extensive testing. Since entire project will be tested we want to recompile the entire solution with .NET 3.5  (from existing .NET 2.0) Can we do this in Visual Studio 2005 without upgrading to VS2008? If yes, how can I target specific .NET version?

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Can we do this in Visual Studio 2005 without upgrading to VS2008?

No. VS 2005 was specifically targeted towards the .NET 2.0 framework but could be enhanced by some upgrades to .NET 3.0. For 3.5 however you need VS2008 in which you have the possibility of multitargeting towards 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5.

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Friend, As said by the above gentlemen, if you want to use the full potentiality of the .Net 3.5 you need the VS.Net 2008 itself.
Also the mutli-version targetting is available only in the VS.Net 2008.

Go through this article as gives you more insight.

Good luck!

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I simply don't buy the "can't use .NET 3.5 with VS 2005' claim (this is not the first I have see it). And the posts referenced above agree.

I am using it and the major inconvenience is that I am having to do a lot of 'work' to convert an ASP 2.0 app to 3.5. (sounds like 2008 will convert for you)

 I am not saying I won't go to 2008 just not yet. All I want is a little utility to convert my existing ASP 2.0 apps to 3.5 without me having to do a lot of typing.

 Any ideas?



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major inconvenience is that I am having to do a lot of 'work' to convert an ASP 2.0 app to 3.5. (sounds like 2008 will convert for you)

VS 2008 just has the needed tools to work optimized on 3.5. The .NET 3.5 framework is actually nothing more than a booster pack for 2.0 (see it as an addon). So it should be possible to have the same architectural stuff like in 2.0 but with the convenience that ASP.NET AJAX is integrated now.

I'm a bit curious: do you also use Linq in VS2005? Does it provide intellisense for it? 

Grz, Kris.

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Don't use linq...but...I decided to give 2008 a whirl and I have to say that it was worth the long install and LONG SP1 update. Hmm

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1/11/2009 3:34:20 PM

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