java style inline coding or mix inline code with code behind


   Generally, I use code behind, but once in a while it is more convenient to use java type inline coding

for example, if I need to dynamically create rows in a table, I can do this












can I do this kind of thing in

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Yes. Use the syntax you have above. Its not recommended though. It may be cleaner to have an <asp:literal> where you want to insert the content, and then set the text programmatically from the code beside.

You can also have a <script runat=server> block and include functions in that rather than in a code beside file.

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I can not put a litereal there, because i don't know how many rows of literal do I need until runtime. I just want to put one table row there and wrap a loop around table row. I tried the syntax I posted, it did not work.
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The literal is just a place holder. You can spit as many lines as you want into it, including tags.
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