Error: "Encapsulate Field invocation failed with error code 0x8007000e"

I just learned that the C# 2.0 IDE can automatically generate get/set properties for your fields in your classes by right-clicking the variable and selecting Refactor-->Encapsulate Field.

But when I try it with my copy of c#, I get the error message "Encapsulate Field invocation failed with error code 0x8007000e"

Can anyone tell me why I might be getting this error message?

Thanks in advance.



Ray C.
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0x8007000E is E_OUTOFMEMORY Not enough memory to complete the operation.

12/12/2006 12:10:09 PM

Fortunately, that's not possible. I checked all memory and monitored all files. and everything seems ok from the memory side of things. That's why I'm finding it funny. It only pops up when I do this. But when I continue using Visual Studio, I get no other problems.



Ray C.
12/12/2006 4:07:49 PM

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