What is wrong with my code?

I am new to VB.net and programming in general. I need some help in figuring out what the problem is with my program. My intention is that I should be able to put in a number in any of the 5 boxes and get my grade calculated. If I launch the program and put in 100 in any of the boxes and calculate the grade I get a 33 with a grade of F. If I hit the Clear button and then try again, I get the expected results. I can't figure out what I have that is causing the bad calculation when I launch the application.



1    Option Explicit On
2    Option Strict On
5    Public Class frmMain
7        Private Sub btnExit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click
8            Me.Close()
9        End Sub
11       Private Sub btnClear_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnClear.Click
13           ' Clear the Values
14           Me.txtStudentName.Text = String.Empty
15           Me.txtMark1.Text = String.Empty
16           Me.txtMark2.Text = String.Empty
17           Me.txtMark3.Text = String.Empty
18           Me.txtMark4.Text = String.Empty
19           Me.txtMark5.Text = String.Empty
20           Me.lblAverageCalc.Text = String.Empty
21           Me.lblStudent.Text = String.Empty
22           Me.lblGrade.Text = String.Empty
24       End Sub
26       Private Sub btnCalc_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCalc.Click
28           ' Declare the variables
29           Dim totalAverage As Double
30           Dim mark1 As Double
31           Dim mark2 As Double
32           Dim mark3 As Double
33           Dim mark4 As Double
34           Dim mark5 As Double
35           Dim grade As String
36           Dim average As Double
39           ' Convert the text boxes to Doubles for calculations
40           Double.TryParse(Me.txtMark1.Text, mark1)
41           Double.TryParse(Me.txtMark2.Text, mark2)
42           Double.TryParse(Me.txtMark3.Text, mark3)
43           Double.TryParse(Me.txtMark4.Text, mark4)
44           Double.TryParse(Me.txtMark5.Text, mark5)
46           ' Validate that there is an entry in the text boxes.
47           'If Me.txtMark1.Text = String.Empty Or Me.txtMark2.Text = String.Empty Or Me.txtMark3.Text = String.Empty _
48           ' Or Me.txtMark4.Text = String.Empty Or Me.txtMark5.Text = String.Empty Then
49           'MessageBox.Show("Please enter all 5 grades", "Need more grades", MessageBoxButtons.OK)
50           'End If
52           'Determine how many grades are there
53           If Me.txtMark1.Text <> String.Empty Then
54               average = average + 1
55           End If
57           If Me.txtMark2.Text <> String.Empty Then
58               average = average + 1
59           End If
61           If Me.txtMark3.Text <> String.Empty Then
62               average = average + 1
63           End If
65           If Me.txtMark4.Text <> String.Empty Then
66               average = average + 1
67           End If
69           If Me.txtMark5.Text <> String.Empty Then
70               average = average + 1
71           End If
73           ' Calculate the average
74           totalAverage = (mark1 + mark2 + mark3 + mark4 + mark5) / average
77           ' Display grade based on score from totalAverage
78           Select Case totalAverage
79               Case 80 To 100
80                   grade = "A"
81               Case 65 To 79
82                   grade = "B"
83               Case 40 To 64
84                   grade = "C"
85               Case 40
86                   grade = "D"
87               Case 0 To 39
88                   grade = "F"
89           End Select
91           Me.lblAverageCalc.Text = Convert.ToString(totalAverage)
92           Me.lblGrade.Text = Convert.ToString(grade)
94       End Sub
95   End Class
1/21/2009 3:08:57 AM
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Me.txtMark1.Text <> String.Empty

I dont see any problem with your code ...evry thing seems to be alright....

try replacing the above line by

Me.txtMark1.Text.Trim <> ""


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1/21/2009 4:36:42 AM

 I think the probelm is with "average" variable. Check that variable at runtime.

ps: These are Asp.Net forums. I think it's a windows forms question. To get better respone for your windows forms questions, post in following forums..


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