How do I get the value from this combo box in vb .net...

In asp .net I have it under control however in vb .net its not quite the same. I have a dataadapter that I pop with a ds. bind it to the combobox. Now I'm trying to get the selected value and I'm thinking I have to do a ctype but don't know what the param's are. can someone please help... Here is the code:

myDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(strSQL, myConnection)

Dim myDataSet As DataSet = New DataSet()

myDataAdapter.Fill(myDataSet, "ListingStatus")

Dim myDataView As DataView = myDataSet.Tables("ListingStatus").DefaultView

lstStatus.DataSource = myDataView

lstStatus.DisplayMember = "Descr"


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If you are trying to get the selected value of the DropDownList, you can use DropDownList.SelectedItem.Value.

Ryan Olshan
ASPInsider | Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET

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2/10/2006 9:57:36 PM

There is no such properties however there is lstStatus.SelectedValue.ToString - and that returns
System.Data.DataRowView.  I think I need to do a Ctype here however I'm not sure of the format so if someone can help me out I would appreciate it.

Vb .Net 2.0 (VS 2005 Pro)


2/13/2006 3:25:57 PM

I figured it out - I was not setting the valuememeber to the id when I created the dataset. It's working now... fyi: it's format is combobox.selectedvalue.tostring.


thanks for the help..

2/13/2006 3:34:12 PM
Ah. You're using a ComboBox. For some reason I thought you were using a DropDownList. lstStatus.SelectedValue.ToString() should return the selected value. What happens if you try lstStatus.SelectedText?
Ryan Olshan
ASPInsider | Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET

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2/13/2006 3:39:38 PM

you get the text value but I need the int value (id) for the DB



2/16/2006 4:28:02 AM

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