How to send an XML file to a Web Service (that records the XML file to HD)

I did this because I wanted to send an XML file to another computer,
whether it be next to the one I’m using  or in another country.
You will need to adapt my example in order for it to work as you want
it. All I demonstrate here is that it is possible to send an XML file
to another computer using XML Web Services.

Let me know if it works for you.

The code assumes you can use Visual Studio.

Make the Web Service

1. Make a new project, choosing to make a Web Service.
2. In the code behind-page, place the code below.
3. Build the Web Service.

<WebMethod()> Public Sub data(ByVal xml As DataSet)

        ' This is not a Function procedure because we are not sending information back to the
        ' calling application.

        ' As we are dealing with a DataSet, above, we use "As DataSet" for the Data Type requirement
        ' of that line. "xml" is just a name for the data being passed through.
        ' You'll see that "xml" is the name of the DataSet in the Web Form code.

        ' In order to "use" the supplied DataSet, we need to create a DataSet, so it can
        ' be stored.
        Dim WriteToHd As New DataSet

        ' The magical bit! We put the sent DataSet, "xml", into DataSet "WriteToHd".
        ' Below is how we do this. Quite simple.
        WriteToHd = xml

        ' Call the "WriteXml" method of the DataSet object.

        ' That's it.

    End Sub
Make the Web Form

In Visual Studio, add a reference to the Web Service, otherwise the code below won’t work. Ensure that you have compiled the Web service before doing so otherwise you’ll get an error message as you try to access the Web Service.

1. Make a new Web Form.
2. Place a clickable control, such as a BUTTON, onto the Web Form.
3. Double click it.
4. In the code behind-page, type this in (between the sub, end code), making alterations as hinted.
5. Build then browse.
6. Click the button!


To be placed inbetween the “sub“ and “end sub“ code:

        ' This code doesn't contain the actual Web Service being used because we are
        ' "setting up" the class for use. Can't use the Web Service until we do so

        ' name of the class file in solution explorer: "CalcService".
        ' name of class file, in the code: "MortgageCalculationService"

        Dim ws As New CalcService.MortgageCalculationService ' if you use different names in your Web Service code, you'll be writing
        ' something else.

        ' Create a dataset so that an XML file can be put into it
        Dim xml As New DataSet

        ' Load XML into DataSet

        ' Send to Web Service called "data".
        ' The XML file is stored in Dataset object "xml" so I use "xml" in the brackets.
        ' By placing the "xml" object into the ( ), I get to send it to the Web Service
        ' named "data".

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