Help with .Text - Application Error!

I have been scouring this forum for a possible answer and I think I have exausted my search, now employ anyone who might help.

I have a mulit blog site set up, where the community page loads just fine, but I get an error when I try and pull up the different blogs:
..Text - Application Error!
The resource you requested could not be found.

I am using Multi2_Web.config.
Funny thing is, when I type in, the main web site is actually loaded like I would normally expect to see at
I'm running the latest binary from GotDotNet.
Here is my data record:
0, user, userpw,, .Text Blog, Another .Text Powered Blog, Cogitation, blog1,, Blog1 Author, -5, 1, en-US, 10, 2/23/2004 11:56:23 AM, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, blue.css, 1
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Never mind, fixed the problem. It was the Web.config. I know I tried each one several times. Maybe I had them mixed up or part of one and part of another. Hell, I don't know. After looking at it for several hours everything looks the same.

2/23/2004 11:04:54 PM
Which part of Web.config did you change to fix the problem? I am having somewhat the same problem and would appreciate any input you can provide?

2/26/2004 8:55:13 PM
I am having the same problem installing too. Get the admin window but can't login or view the default page... Im guessing I need to get my hosting company to run the helper file .exe on their server and create a username and password?

..Text - Application Error!
A blog matching the location you requested was not found. Host = [], Application = []

3/4/2004 3:05:35 AM
You can run it locally, but it does connect directly to the db. Just edit the app.config file.

3/5/2004 12:43:44 PM

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