Application or Cache?

Hi, I want to use a global variable (all users) on a site.

On each request, I need to modify a variable, lets say it is a counter for example.
I found many examples using this approach:

Aplication("counter") = Aplication("counter") + 1

But I found too that using the lock-unlock can affect the performance of the web application.
What is the best method for doing this on ASP.NET?
can I use the Cache object for this?
thank you
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The Cache object does basically the same thing. It uses a lock to prevent thread race conditions.

I recommend using the Interlock class to increment your application variable in a thread safe manner.
Although I'm not sure this will work. You integer is boxed, so the reference is unboxed before it's incremented. This means that you will only be incrementing your local stack's copy of the variable, not the Application's copy.
Anyway, give that a shot... see if it works.
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