XSD file Decimal column displays 4 point after decimal

Hi to all,

             I have a xsd file with one table adapter, it has 4 column

id int

name string

class string

amount decimal

i drag and drop the columns into rdlc file but, the report displays 4 digit after decimal point but i want to display it as two decimal point.

How to do this experts please help me.

But i checked in my query from sql it is displays as it is in the table(there some data have four digit after decimal some data have two digit after decimal)

but when get it into DataSet object all data are converted into four digit .

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12/12/2008 9:21:22 AM
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Format The Field  as N or N2

Then it will display 2 digit after decimal place

12/12/2008 11:02:48 AM

 Open your database and change Amount columns datatype 

decimal(18, 2)

change 2 or whatever decimal places u want 

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amiT jaiN

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12/12/2008 11:24:12 AM

Thanks SHilpha,

actually its decimal column so i wrote like this


now i changed like this


while run the application it displaying column like this


How to workout this and the same time i want to calculate the sum of this column also if convert into ToString then Sum() function shouldnt work,

could you tell me how to solve this?

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12/12/2008 11:29:15 AM

 If you don't wanna make changes in database than use this formula in the reports field which u wanna to format


in youe case it would be 



Check the sample code atatched


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amiT jaiN

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12/12/2008 11:40:05 AM


Write like this to display 2 digits after decimal



To get the sum of the column, Insert a table Footer, and write =Format(SUM(Fields!Amount.Value),"N2")

12/12/2008 11:43:54 AM

Thanks Amit.jain and Shilpha

i use amit code like this


its working fine for me.

I have one more problem  and i posted in this path http://forums.asp.net/t/1359918.aspx could you please tell me the solution for this?

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12/12/2008 12:04:23 PM

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