How to get record count or row count of rows in reporting service table object?

SSRS 2005.  Let's say I define ONE dataset.  In the page layout I drop in 2 tables.  table1 and table2.  In each of these 2 tables, I add a filter. Let's call the field Active Flag, and I filter on "Y" and "No" respectively.  Now, at the bottom of the report(and not inside the tables themselves) I want to drop 2 textboxes onto the page layout.  I want to get the record count from table1, and the record count in table 2, and place it in each textbox at the bottom of the page that shows the total records per table.  Sounds easy, but when you do COUNT("table1") or COUNT("table2"), it returns the entire row count from the dataset, it does not take into account the filter on the table.  So, the table might show 5 records, but the COUNT function will still return like 100, since that includes all the records. Is there something else I should use to get the count?  I don't want to make more than 1 dataset, and I don't want to return the count from the dataset by adding fields to the proc that returns the counts.  Any thoughts on how this simple idea is suppose to work?




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Use this expression where ever you like


if you add above expression into a new column in table 1 you'll see the exact number of the your filtered rows , and you can use the Last one as the count


let me know what's happen to your report after applying this , or mark this as answer , best regards

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Thanks for the reply.  However, RowNumber also ignored the filter.

Let me restate, my requirement is to show the row count, but not in a cell within the table.  Calculations have to be performed outside the table at the bottom of the page, which will also take into account counts from other tables on the page.  Apparently, there is no way to get a count by referencing a table if you are not in a cell within the table.  I would surely hope there is a way to do this, as I have ran into this often, but I have always had to create 2 datasets before, which basically means running the query twice. However, I have found a work around for now:

Add a footer to the table, in a footer cell, use COUNT("fieldname"). Lets call that cell textbox17.  Now, outside of the table, you can drag a textbox onto the bottom of the page, lets call it textbox20.  In textbox20, you can put =ReportItems!textbox17.Value.  Of course, I also have to set the footer to not be visible, since they don't want to see the total in the footer, but rather in a diferrent location on the page.  I guess I don't understand why I can't use COUNT("table1") outside of the table to get the count of what is displayed.  I guess my workout will work though.

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