Exporting in Excel without cells or excel columns merging for one column of data table(need sorting, data filters perfectly)




I have an issue with the excel exporting of the report using ssrs.  I am using only the body section for exporting to excel.  Here in the body i have an Image, Textbox(for Title), textbox2(for dates from,to) and below it i have a table having the columns used for showing the data.  The report gets generated but when i exported to excel, All the columns and rows in the excels sheets come close and its like there is no uniformity.  Few columsn of excel are covered under a single columsn of the data table.  So its making users feel uncomfortable while they see the excel. 


So Please Let me know if there is best way of exporting to excel using ssrs so that the excel looks better with no columns and cells merged.  Please let me know if there is an answer for this.  I want the Sorting feature, Top 10 and and data filters running in the excel report.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




10/20/2008 2:41:50 PM
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I'm not sure if that makes sense. See, the purpose to use excel is that you can perform further caculation based on the reports you got from the reporting service report. But if you make all of your report contents in a single cell, it's a cancer on the ideal of exporting to excel.

10/24/2008 5:27:57 AM


There is no way to 'turn off' the merging of cells/columns. You can only mitigate it by designing the report with this behavior in mind. i.e. Ensure items are lined up neatly, etc. I'm not sure what you meant by needing the report 'dynamically'. But if you have access to the RDL or whatever is generating the RDL, you will have to modify accordingly. Hope this helps. Gerry
10/24/2008 2:26:14 PM

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