View VS Store Procedure in ADO 2.5

Hi, I have to convert an DAO 3.5 access vb program to a ADO 2.5 SQL Server 2000

I have grids that displays 2000 records... What is the fastest SQL Server access method
in ADO to return rows is it Store Proc Or Views ???
(My Data doesn't need to be change only viewed)
How do we call a view in ADO?
Also is my connection string good or is there a faster connection that exist
I know that ODBC Is slow because of multiple layers so I use that one.
(BTW I have a lot of vb experience but no experience in SQL server)
Is it a good thing to open a connection only when the program starts
and close it when the program close???
StrSqlSrv = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _
"Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=testdb;" & _
"Data Source=" & servername
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I would suggest a Stored Procedure over a view.  The database should be able to generate a more efficient execution plan that way.  You can tell for sure by using SQL Query Analyzer for each way and comparing the execution plans.

You can call a view just like you would a table.
The connection string is good.
It's best to open a connection just before you want to get the data and close it immediately after. Opening and closing connections is much more efficient than in the old days so there's little overhead associated with opening and closing. Keeping connections open for the minimum amount of time allows the connection pool manager to operate more efficiently. But if a procedure needs to make more than one database call, then it's ok to open before the first and close after the last it done.
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