VB.NET Codebehind Code to Update SQL Server 2005 Using SQLDataSource Control?

Hi, I am a newbie in using ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET.  I wrote a hangman game and want to record statistics at the end of each game.  I will create and update records in the database for each authenticated user as well as a record for the Anonymous, unauthenticated user.  After a win or loss has occurred, I want to programmatically use the SQLDataSource control to increment the statistics counters for the appropriate record in the database (note I don't want to show anything or get user input for this function).

I need a VB.NET codebehind example that will show me how I should set up the parameters and update the appropriate record in the database.  Below is my code.  What happens now is that the program chugs along happily (no errors), but the database record does not actually get updated.  I have done many searches on this forum and on the general Internet for programmatic examples of an update sequence of code.  If there is a tutorial for this online or a book, I'm happy to check it out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


CODE - Hangman.aspx.vb

1        Protected Sub UpdateStats()
2            Dim playeridString As String
3            Dim
gamesplayedInteger, gameswonInteger, _
4                easygamesplayedInteger, easygameswonInteger, _
5                mediumgamesplayedInteger, mediumgameswonInteger, _
6                hardgamesplayedInteger, hardgameswonInteger As Int32
8            ' determine whether player is named or anonymous
9            If User.Identity.IsAuthenticated Then
10               Profile.Item("hangmanplayeridString") = User.Identity.Name
11           Else
12               Profile.Item("hangmanplayeridString") = "Anonymous"
13           End If
15           playeridString = Profile.Item("hangmanplayeridString")
17           ' look up record in stats database
18           Dim hangmanstatsDataView As System.Data.DataView = CType(statsSqlDataSource.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty), System.Data.DataView)
20           gamesplayedInteger = 0
21           gameswonInteger = 0
22           easygamesplayedInteger = 0
23           easygameswonInteger = 0
24           mediumgamesplayedInteger = 0
25           mediumgameswonInteger = 0
26           hardgamesplayedInteger = 0
27           hardgameswonInteger = 0
29           If hangmanstatsDataView.Table.Rows.Count = 0 Then
31               '   then create record with 0 values
32               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters.Clear() ' don't really know what Clear does
33               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("playerid").DefaultValue = playeridString
34               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("GamesPlayed").DefaultValue = gamesplayedInteger
35               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("GamesWon").DefaultValue = gameswonInteger
36               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("EasyGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = easygamesplayedInteger
37               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("EasyGamesWon").DefaultValue = easygameswonInteger
38               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("MediumGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = mediumgamesplayedInteger
39               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("MediumGamesWon").DefaultValue = mediumgameswonInteger
40               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("HardGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = hardgamesplayedInteger
41               statsSqlDataSource.InsertParameters("HardGamesWon").DefaultValue = hardgameswonInteger
43               statsSqlDataSource.Insert()
44           End If
46           ' reread the record to get current values
47           hangmanstatsDataView = CType(statsSqlDataSource.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty), System.Data.DataView)
48           Dim hangmanstatsDataRow As System.Data.DataRow = hangmanstatsDataView.Table.Rows.Item(0)
50           ' set temp variables to database values
51           gamesplayedInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("GamesPlayed")
52           gameswonInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("GamesWon")
53           easygamesplayedInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("EasyGamesPlayed")
54           easygameswonInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("EasyGamesWon")
55           mediumgamesplayedInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("MediumGamesPlayed")
56           mediumgameswonInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("MediumGamesWon")
57           hardgamesplayedInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("HardGamesPlayed")
58           hardgameswonInteger = hangmanstatsDataRow("HardGamesWon")
60           ' update stats record
61           'statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters.Clear()
62           'statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("playerid").DefaultValue = playeridString
64           If Profile.Item("hangmanwinorloseString") = "win" Then
66               statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("GamesPlayed").DefaultValue = gamesplayedInteger + 1
67               statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("GamesWon").DefaultValue = gameswonInteger + 1
68               Select Case Profile.Item("hangmandifficultyInteger")
69                   Case 1
70                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("EasyGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = easygamesplayedInteger + 1
71                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("EasyGamesWon").DefaultValue = easygameswonInteger + 1
72                   Case 2
73                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("MediumGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = mediumgamesplayedInteger + 1
74                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("MediumGamesWon").DefaultValue = mediumgameswonInteger + 1
75                   Case 3
76                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("HardGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = hardgamesplayedInteger + 1
77                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("HardGamesWon").DefaultValue = hardgameswonInteger + 1
78               End Select
81           ElseIf
Profile.Item("hangmanwinorloseString") = "lose" Then
83               statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("GamesPlayed").DefaultValue = gamesplayedInteger + 1
84               Select Case Profile.Item("hangmandifficultyInteger")
85                   Case 1
86                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("EasyGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = easygamesplayedInteger + 1
87                   Case 2
88                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("MediumGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = mediumgamesplayedInteger + 1
89                   Case 3
90                       statsSqlDataSource.UpdateParameters("HardGamesPlayed").DefaultValue = hardgamesplayedInteger + 1
91               End Select
92           End If

94           statsSqlDataSource.Update()
96       End Sub

CODE - Hangman.aspx

1            <asp:SqlDataSource ID="statsSqlDataSource" runat="server" ConflictDetection="overwritechanges"
2                ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:lambanConnectionString %>" DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM [Hangman_Stats] WHERE [PlayerID] = @original_PlayerID AND [GamesPlayed] = @original_GamesPlayed AND [GamesWon] = @original_GamesWon AND [EasyGamesPlayed] = @original_EasyGamesPlayed AND [EasyGamesWon] = @original_EasyGamesWon AND [MediumGamesPlayed] = @original_MediumGamesPlayed AND [MediumGamesWon] = @original_MediumGamesWon AND [HardGamesPlayed] = @original_HardGamesPlayed AND [HardGamesWon] = @original_HardGamesWon"
3                InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [Hangman_Stats] ([PlayerID], [GamesPlayed], [GamesWon], [EasyGamesPlayed], [EasyGamesWon], [MediumGamesPlayed], [MediumGamesWon], [HardGamesPlayed], [HardGamesWon]) VALUES (@PlayerID, @GamesPlayed, @GamesWon, @EasyGamesPlayed, @EasyGamesWon, @MediumGamesPlayed, @MediumGamesWon, @HardGamesPlayed, @HardGamesWon)"
4                OldValuesParameterFormatString="original_{0}" SelectCommand="SELECT PlayerID, GamesPlayed, GamesWon, EasyGamesPlayed, EasyGamesWon, MediumGamesPlayed, MediumGamesWon, HardGamesPlayed, HardGamesWon FROM Hangman_Stats WHERE (PlayerID = @playerid)"
5                UpdateCommand="UPDATE [Hangman_Stats] SET [GamesPlayed] = @GamesPlayed, [GamesWon] = @GamesWon, [EasyGamesPlayed] = @EasyGamesPlayed, [EasyGamesWon] = @EasyGamesWon, [MediumGamesPlayed] = @MediumGamesPlayed, [MediumGamesWon] = @MediumGamesWon, [HardGamesPlayed] = @HardGamesPlayed, [HardGamesWon] = @HardGamesWon WHERE [PlayerID] = @original_PlayerID AND [GamesPlayed] = @original_GamesPlayed AND [GamesWon] = @original_GamesWon AND [EasyGamesPlayed] = @original_EasyGamesPlayed AND [EasyGamesWon] = @original_EasyGamesWon AND [MediumGamesPlayed] = @original_MediumGamesPlayed AND [MediumGamesWon] = @original_MediumGamesWon AND [HardGamesPlayed] = @original_HardGamesPlayed AND [HardGamesWon] = @original_HardGamesWon">
6                <DeleteParameters>
7                    <asp:Parameter Name="original_PlayerID" Type="String" />
8                    <asp:Parameter Name="original_GamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
9                    <asp:Parameter Name="original_GamesWon" Type="Int32" />
10                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_EasyGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
11                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_EasyGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
12                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_MediumGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
13                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_MediumGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
14                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_HardGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
15                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_HardGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
16               </DeleteParameters>
17               <UpdateParameters>
18                   <asp:Parameter Name="GamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
19                   <asp:Parameter Name="GamesWon" Type="Int32" />
20                   <asp:Parameter Name="EasyGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
21                   <asp:Parameter Name="EasyGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
22                   <asp:Parameter Name="MediumGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
23                   <asp:Parameter Name="MediumGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
24                   <asp:Parameter Name="HardGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
25                   <asp:Parameter Name="HardGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
26                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_PlayerID" Type="String" />
27                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_GamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
28                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_GamesWon" Type="Int32" />
29                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_EasyGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
30                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_EasyGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
31                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_MediumGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
32                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_MediumGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
33                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_HardGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
34                   <asp:Parameter Name="original_HardGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
35               </UpdateParameters>
36               <InsertParameters>
37                   <asp:Parameter Name="PlayerID" Type="String" />
38                   <asp:Parameter Name="GamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
39                   <asp:Parameter Name="GamesWon" Type="Int32" />
40                   <asp:Parameter Name="EasyGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
41                   <asp:Parameter Name="EasyGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
42                   <asp:Parameter Name="MediumGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
43                   <asp:Parameter Name="MediumGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
44                   <asp:Parameter Name="HardGamesPlayed" Type="Int32" />
45                   <asp:Parameter Name="HardGamesWon" Type="Int32" />
46               </InsertParameters>
47               <SelectParameters>
48                   <asp:ProfileParameter Name="playerid" PropertyName="hangmanplayeridString" />
49               </SelectParameters>
50           </asp:SqlDataSource>
7/21/2007 2:11:56 AM
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Hi lambanlaa,

I guess I've understood what you want to impliment in your program. As to the data access issue

What happens now is that the program chugs along happily (no errors), but the database record does not actually get updated
There are servera ways you can follow:

1.Check if you have written the correct connection string and the connection string has connected to your database? An easy way to identify why your programm doesnot work is to comment your existed code and write some "sample"/test code, which will perform a data access to your database(if it does effect your database, then something wrong in your code, if not, you must have missed something in your connection string,etc). Anyway, I just don't think it's too much difficult to solve this issue.

2.Set a breakpoint on SqlDataSource.update() to check for the 2 local variables:  (i) updatestatement--make sure your update statements is executable (you can try it using query analyzer directly). 
                                                                                                                     (ii) Profile.Item("hangmanwinorloseString")--check if the value has been set either "win" or "lose". if not,your statistic won't be saved.

BTW, as to the resources on this area, first i would suggest you reading the msdn docments if you like, http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/e80y5yhx(vs.80).aspx

and if you need further, check the book <essential ado.net > by Bob Beauchemin. Hope my suggestion helps



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7/26/2007 5:54:19 AM

Thank you, Bo, this gives me a few ideas for testing.


7/28/2007 7:21:23 PM

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