Using @column = [column] SQL Server 2000

Should the following select statement return ALL the records including the records where [district] is null?  Currently it is only returning non null records.  I tried it with a default value and without with the same results.

SelectCommand="SELECT [ID], [last], [first], [district], [TA] FROM [regd] Where ([district] Like case when @district is null then [district] else @district end)"

<SelectParameters >
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="Last_textbox" Name="district" defaultvalue="%" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" />

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Try this:

"SELECT [ID], [last], [first], [district], [TA] FROM [regd] Where ([district] Like @district) or @district is null"


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I am not searching for @district is null, I am trying to include the records in the db where [district] = is null and they are not included with the following select statement:
SelectCommand="SELECT [ID], [last], [first], [district], [TA] FROM [regd] Where ([district] Like case when @district is null then [district] else @district end)"

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I'm not sure if you are looking for an exact match or a "begins with".  If you are looking for a "begins with":

Remove the defaultvalue from the textbox control.  Change the SqlDatasource's property "CancelSelectOnNullParameter" to false.

change the where clause to: WHERE (([district] LIKE @district+'%') OR (@district IS NULL))


If you are looking for an exact match (Except when not supplied, then no filter should be applied:

Remove the defaultvalue from the textbox control.  Change the SqlDatasource's property "CancelSelectOnNullParameter" to false.

Change the where clause to: WHERE (([district]=@district) OR (@district IS NULL))

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