Use value from select query

I am writing to learn if it is possible to obtain a value from a select query, and utilize this value in a succeeding query.

Please see below for my current query.  I would like to take the filenum result, and use the value in a second query.

Thanks in advance! 

select shhd.CUST_NO, shhd.file_no as filenum
tpsdba.shipment_header SHHD
WHERE SHHD.CUST_NO = '052584 '
AND (SHHD.DATE_ENTRY >= '20080401' AND SHHD.DATE_ENTRY <= '20080404') 


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declare @Result as nvarchar(10)

set @Result = (select shhd.CUST_NO, shhd.file_no as filenum
tpsdba.shipment_header SHHD
WHERE SHHD.CUST_NO = '052584 '
AND (SHHD.DATE_ENTRY >= '20080401' AND SHHD.DATE_ENTRY <= '20080404') )

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Um.  That doesn't look right.
First of all, we need to note that we don't know the correct datatype for @Result, so nvarchar(10) was guessed.  You will need to supply the correct datatype.
Second, the query returns two fields, not one.
Instead of declaring @Result (which is a not a particularly meaningful name), we should declare
@cust_no and @filenum with the correct datatypes.
Third, ASSUMING the sample query returns ONLY ONE RECORD (or we want the last one it retrieves if more than one is found), we move each selected column into its respective variable, like so:
declare @cust_no  varchar(10) -- my guess as to datatype
declare @filenum  varchar(10) -- another guess as to datatype
select @cust_no = shhd.cust_no
      ,@filenum = shhd.file_no
  from tpsdba.shipment_header shhd
 where ... -- fill in the rest.
The next query can reference @cust_no and @filenum.
<sarjoun.najjar> wrote in message

declare @Result as nvarchar(10)

set @Result = (select shhd.CUST_NO, shhd.file_no as filenum
tpsdba.shipment_header SHHD
WHERE SHHD.CUST_NO = '052584 '
AND (SHHD.DATE_ENTRY >= '20080401' AND SHHD.DATE_ENTRY <= '20080404') )

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