update multiple columns in one sql statements

I am almost sure I can update variables columns in one select/case type
statement, but having problems working out the syntax.
I have a table with transactions - with tran types as the key.
in this example, types = A,B,C ,D.
in this first example I am updating the sum of QTY to value t_A based on
tran types =A.
can I perform sub query/case to update with the same where clause
but for types B,C and D?? I also have to insert for specific lot numbers each sum values.

Create table #t_reconcile(
t_lot_number int not null,
t_A float,
t_B float,
t_C float,
t_D float)

insert #t_reconcile
select t.lot_number, sum(t.qty)
from i , t
where i._id = t.event_id
i.transaction_type = 'A'
group by t.lot_number
order by t.lot_number

11/2/2004 2:04:01 PM
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You can certainly update more than one column in an update statement and a case statement is the way to do it.  The select part of your statement needs to have as many columns as your insert part.

Something like:
select lot_number,
sum(case transaction_type when 'A' then qty else 0 end),
sum(case transaction_type when 'B' then qty else 0 end),
sum(case transaction_type when 'C' then qty else 0 end),
sum(case transaction_type when 'D' then qty else 0 end)
from ....

insert #t_reconcile
(t_lot_number, t_A, t_B , t_C, t_D)
select t.lot_number, sum(t.qty)
from i , t
where i._id = t.event_id
i.transaction_type = 'A'
group by t.lot_number
order by t.lot_number
11/2/2004 3:15:05 PM

one of the commands is giving me a syntax error at the 'And' statement.
what this one section needs is sum positive numbers and negative numbers
in different columns.
where did this go wrong??
sum(case i.transaction_type when 'A' AND qty > 0 then qty else 0 end)
11/2/2004 3:37:24 PM

Can't do the 'AND' like this
sum(case i.transaction_type when 'A' AND qty > 0 then qty else 0 end)
has to be like this when you have multiple conditions
sum(case when i.transaction_type = 'A' AND qty > 0 then qty else 0 end)
11/2/2004 7:05:47 PM

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